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Key Steps of Construction Project Management

Key Steps of Construction Project Management

A project manager prepares documents to solicit bids, advertises and coordinates them, checks the qualifications of the bidders, and provides additional information. After winning the bid, the construction project manager meets with the contractor, the material suppliers, and the owner to finalize the Owner/Contractor Agreement. The project manager also monitors the construction site to ensure quality and standards are met. Once the project is complete, the construction team will be responsible for the final project.

Defining each party’s role in the project:

After obtaining all necessary approvals, the next phase in construction project management is defining each party’s role in the project. Clearly defining roles allows everyone to be held accountable for their duties and prevents confusion and delays. It also eliminates redundancies and keeps tasks from slipping through the cracks. After this step, the team can manage the project and achieve its goals. This stage is critical to ensuring the success of the project.

Design phase:

Managing a construction project has several key phrases. The first phase is the design phase. This includes developing a functional design for the project, defining the materials and the structure’s functionality. This phase of the project will include the selection of materials and the scheduling of tasks, and the resources for the project. In addition to the design, the project initiation document will identify the risks and requirements of the project. The process is based on the initial phases of the construction plan.

Construction phase:

The next phase is construction. The construction phase entails numerous dependencies and final inspections. A project punch list must be created to identify all problems and ensure that the finished product meets the client’s requirements. The architect will issue a certificate of substantial completion to the client after completing the work. In some states, the government will also inspect the completed building. Once the building is completed, the owner can move in.

Create an initiation document and project charter:

A project manager must create an initiation document and project charter. These documents lay the foundation for a construction plan. The initiation document outlines the project scope, objectives, and deliverables. A successful construction manager should communicate with the various stakeholders effectively. A good manager should negotiate with the contractor to resolve issues and ensure the project’s success. Aside from the charter, a project manager must deal with multiple stakeholders and manage the budget.