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Protection Features of Coast Guard Boats

There are many protection features of coast guard boats in UAE that should make a person take note of it. The presence of these features makes a trip to the sea more fun and enjoyable. You can never know what may happen in the middle of the ocean so having some safety features will always help to protect you from any danger. Below is a list of the things that will make your trip to sea safer.

The Coast Guard has some emergency rescue equipment including fire extinguishers, lights and sirens on board which will be very helpful for the boater in need. These things will alert other boaters as well as the emergency responders to your distress. This will make a bigger difference in saving lives on your boat. Make sure that all crew members on board are equipped with this equipment.

Equipment for Boats: Boats are made to cruise in the ocean and bring you joy. So you should always see to it that they are well-maintained. You should check for rusts or damage if there is any. Also check for the oil level and replace if needed. This will keep your boat in good working condition and will save you from major repairs in the future.

Life Vests for Your Boat: Life vests are very important for boating. It is important that you wear one as you go into the water. Boats usually carry some emergency supplies in their emergency kits. This is why it is best to bring a spare life vest in case you lose one. You can also have it replaced in case you get overboard. It will also help you to escape from drowning in case someone happens to see you drowning.

Flag Signs and Cruising Signs: These two things are also important when you want to travel by coast guard boat. If you want to go to sea with your personal vessel, you should make sure that it has a coast guard license. As you cruise along, you will see other vessels so you should keep an eye out for flags and cruising signs. You should do this before entering waters so that you can avoid accidents. If you notice them, you should report these incidents so that they can be attended to. The Coast Guard also has some rules and regulations that you need to follow when you are cruising.