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The Benefits of Bullet Proof Windows and Doors

The Benefits of Bullet Proof Windows and Doors

Bulletproof glass is made from a special blend of plastic and laminated glass. After the layers of these materials are bonded together, they undergo a chemical process that increases the strength of the material. The final product is a window that is nearly impossible for a bullet to penetrate. However, bulletproof glass glazing can help protect your home or workplace from such a dangerous threat. For more information about the benefits of bulletproof windows and doors, continue reading below!

Great resistance to a bullet

Bulletproof glass has a 10:1 thermal expansion ratio. This material is tougher than other types of glass. It is made of three main types, each with its own unique set of features. Its two major advantages over ALL-Glass composites are its elasticity and its resistance to bullets. It is a lightweight, highly-resilient material that can withstand a range of threats from small projectiles to dozens of kilograms.

Provides substantial protection against rifles and handguns

A common type of bullet-proof glass is a B5 level, which is almost an inch thick and provides substantial protection against rifles and handguns. The polycarbonate layering of this material is 21mm thick, and it is also resistant to scratches. Alternatively, you can opt for a 3/4-inch-thick acrylic sheet, which falls under the level B4 category. This type of bullet-proof glass is suitable for conventional applications, but it will only protect you from nine-mm bullets. It will be difficult to fit into a glazing pocket if you’re retrofitting an older building.

Protect your home from harmful impacts caused by gunshots

A bullet-proof window has many layers. Its outer layer is made of several layers of tough glass, while the inner layers are made of plastic. These layers can be up to 10 times thicker than ordinary glass and can be incredibly heavy. Depending on the number of layers, it may be a good idea to make your windows and doors bullet-proof as much as possible. They can help protect your home from harmful impacts that are caused by gunshots and prevent your home from being broken.

Bulletproof glass is designed to protect your home and property from a bullet. While ordinary glass can absorb energy and slow a bullet’s trajectory, it can’t resist high-powered guns. Because it is so thick, it must be made with a protective coating that can withstand the force of a powerful bullet. Despite its high price, though, it is worth it for the extra protection it can provide. A well-made bulletproof glass is a valuable investment that can safeguard your home and keep you safe.