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Why You Need Car Parking Shades to Protect Your Vehicles from the Harsh Weather

Why You Need Car Parking Shades to Protect Your Vehicles from the Harsh Weather

Before we discuss what to look for when you are looking for car parking shades in Abu Dhabi, let us first discuss what they are and how they work. Car parking shades are a special type of window treatment that provides protection from the sun and helps prevent fading of fabrics. They are generally made from tough vinyl that is coated on both sides with an asphaltic material that helps to keep the shades in place and gives the windows a smooth and clear view. They have several different designs and uses depending on their intended purpose and application. HDPE is the most popular material used in constructing these kinds of shades for automobiles, trucks, and other commercial buildings where aesthetics are an issue. The material used for HDPE isn’t so flexible at all and is rather heavy and hardy.

Create a custom look of your shades:

There are many designs available in car parking shades and you should consider several factors when choosing the right model for your establishment. One is the type of use of the shades. Some are meant to provide shade from the sun when you’re not using the car itself and others are meant for heavy use on the road. 

Look for UV resistant car parking shades:

Depending on the nature of your business, you might consider investing in UV-resistant car parking shades. These will protect the furniture or fixtures that you use inside your facility from being damaged by ultraviolet rays that can be released by the sun’s powerful ultra-violet rays. 

Consider durability:

Many people prefer car parking shades that are designed to offer protection against water. If you have outdoor swimming facilities in your shed, you should invest in durable shade structures that will offer great protection from hailstorms and heavy rain. 

Size also does matter:

UV-resistant car parking shade structures are available in many different sizes. It’s important to measure the area that you will place the structure so that you get the exact measurement that you need. Measuring the area in car parks is especially important since it may include walkways, car parks, and driveways. 

Look for designs:

Some car parking systems are offered with different designs and features such as aluminum, steel, or high-quality plastics. Aluminum car park shade structures are the best structures for outdoor use for many years. Steel car park shades are also the best structures for protecting the interior of buildings.