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When you achieve your ideal weight and shape, the next thing that you need to do is to maintain it. However, this is easier said than done. In fact, experts in Gastric Sleeve surgery in Dubai pointed out that a lot of patients who went through a program end up gaining the pounds they lose due to unpreparedness and lack of planning.

If you are dead serious about keeping your ideal weight, here are some weight management tips that can help you sustain your weight and shape.

  1. Prepare a plan

Weight loss experts in a Gastric balloon Dubai always advise their patients to have a plan after their program. They need to have a detailed guidelines that they can follow, especially now that they will be doing this on their own. You can create your own weight management plan through research, but it would be best to consult with a health professional for correct guidance. A nutritionist would be able to help you to plan out a meal plan for your weight goals.

  1. Keep track of your food intake

There is a high risk of gaining weight if you are not on top of your weight management game. And one way to keep ahead of that game is to be fully knowledgeable of your food intake. Since your nutritionist probably gave you a meal plan and a list of food for your weight management. Try to jot down your daily meal intake and see if you are following what your nutritionist advise you to eat. If you feel that some of the dishes should be changed, then feel free to ask suggestions for alternatives.

  1. Do not take out the indulgence

It is easy to succumb to temptation, especially if you keep resisting to it. The key here is not to resist the “bad food” but to control your intake. There will be occasions where you need to eat a cake, drink a soda, or taste some sugary treats. Do not limit the type of food you will eat, limit the portions instead.

  1. Engage in other activities

When you are doing nothing and bored out of your mind, the next resort is to eat. Keep your mind and body busy, so you won’t resort to binging and overeating.

  1. Stock your home with healthy snacks

If you have the urge to binge, be sure to go for the healthier choices. Instead of ordering take outs, try cooking or stacking your pantry with healthy snacks.